Dickson County Athletic Booster Club
P. O. Box 1463
Dickson, TN  37055

The Dickson County Athletic Booster Club was formed in 1981 to raise private money to support the organized athletic programs of Dickson County's three junior high schools (now middle schools) and Dickson County Senior High School.  With the completion of Creek Wood High School and the formulation of Creek Wood's own athletic booster club, our focus has changed to Dickson County High School and Dickson Middle School.  The primary goal in 1981 was the same as it is today:

"To provide the student athletes of our local public schools with quality athletic equipment to encourage participation in a broad range of organized sports."

Our funds have gone to support EVERY sport for both girls and boys athletics.  During the past 4 years, approximately $30,000 has been provided to the athletic programs of Dickson County High School and Dickson Middle School.

The club is supported by an all-volunteer board of directors representing a cross-section of Dickson County.  It is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, and membership fees are fully deductible as charitable contributions.  The club has no paid employees and limits its activities to financial support of athletics by purchasing equipment and supplies.  The club does not offer compensation to coaches or other school officials.  Likewise, we do not take positions on the hiring, firing, or promotion of coaches at any school.


Memberships Available:
Cougar Supporter Club $50.00 BBQ Tickets (2)
Cougar Club $125.00 BBQ Tickets (2)
Blue Parking Pass (6th Grade Annex)
Cougar Pride Club $250.00 BBQ Tickets (4)
Blue Shirt with Logo
Orange Parking Pass (Beside Press Box)

Please specify shirt size when you mail your membership.  Your tickets, shirt, hat, and parking pass will be delivered to you or may be picked up at the BBQ on August 7, 2009.

Membership checks may be mailed to Don Weiss, Jr., O.D., Treasurer, P. O. Box 1463, Dickson, TN 37055.