DCHS Latin Club

Ipsa scientia potestas est.  Knowledge itself is power.—Bacon


Salvete!  Welcome to the home page of the DCHS Latin Club.  We are currently accepting new members, and we have elected new officers: Consul Rochelle Breen, Praetor Lacy Pearce, Censor Brandi Dean, Quaestor Kevin McClenathan,  and Aediles  Luke Amari (10), Robert Weisenfels (11), and Will Olphie (12).

Latin Club Initiation and Party on November 20 was a big success!  Thanks to all who participated.

We hope you can join us!

Pay $5 dues in room 209!

Latin Club Sponsor

Magistra Glenda Sullivan

Room 209

To contact us:

Phone: 615-446-9003, extension 25209

E-mail: glendasullivan@dcbe.org

The Colosseum