Cougar Pride

When the autumn breeze is in the trees
And you see the glare of the stadium light,
The place to be is old DC - 
Clad in the orange and blue and white.

'Cuz the Cougar crowd is mighty loud
Its roar is known statewide,
And win or lose, you'll hear no boo's - 
Just the sounds of Cougar Pride.

Through all the years, the smiles and tears
And the games that were lost or were won
We Cougars know at heart that the finest part,
 Of it all, was the thrill and fun.

And come what may, you can't take away
From us fans of the orange and blue
That great sense of pride that can't be denied
That's in all that we say or we do.

So speak with pride of those teams that tried.
Dickson County has always been blessed,
And come what will, the school on the Hill
Will always be Home of the Best!

- Jimmy Bone